Daily Self Care Checklist

Daily Self Care Checklist

If I were to ask 10 people what their definition of ‘Self-Care’ is, then I would almost certainly receive 10 different answers. This is not a bad thing… it simply reflects the multitude of ways we can approach this activity. …

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16 Self Confidence Tips

Self Confidence Tips

It self-development were a building, then self-confidence would be its foundation. It really is the base upon which all personal growth and transformation starts. In this article I will list a number of self confidence tips that you can practice …

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21 Daily Habits of Successful People

Daily Habits of Successful People

When I first started planning the article for this topic, I soon realized that any analysis of the way successful people formed good habits very much depended on what aspect of their lives we were examining at that time. We …

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21 Inspiring Mindfulness Quotes

1 “Meditation is to be aware of what is going on: in your body, in your feelings, in your mind, and in the world.” 2 “The path to healthy body, and happy soul is based upon self-study, mindfulness, love and …

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5 Easy Mindfulness Exercises for Children

Mindfulness Exercises for Children

I was thinking recently about the Mindfulness exercises that I use to help me cope with life’s ups and downs. How can we nurture that sense of inner peace in our children so that it becomes a part of their …

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Mindful Parenting for Today

Mindful Parenting

Parenting is the toughest job in the world. Demands and time constraints are constant and there is usually very little ‘down time’ to recharge yourself. It’s no surprise that stress and tensions build up quickly. It could be a child’s …

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6 Tips For Managing Your Phone Anxiety

Managing Your Phone Anxiety

The rise of this new form of Anxiety over the last decade or so has been a direct result of the way society (as a whole) has changed the way it communicates. There has been a noticeable move away from …

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How to Develop More Patience and Tolerance

Develop More Patience and Tolerance

Patience can be a real challenge for many of us. Just to get through one day without feeling frustrated or upset becomes a rare event! Why is it so hard not to feel agitated when faced with frustrating situations? Lets …

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How To Free Yourself From Resentment

How to free yourself from Resentment

Resentment can be a very unhealthy burden to carry. It usually starts as a response to injustice, (either real or imagined) and often over a long period of time. Resentment represents a development in your anger from mild to deep…….and …

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