Jobs For People With Social Anxiety – Part 1

Part 1 – Affiliate Marketing

This article is the first in a 5 Part Series that I hope will banish the misconception that those people with severe social anxiety are precluded from experiencing success as an entrepreneur.

It is my belief that technology and the Internet have changed the rules of business forever; and importantly, to the benefit of those who don’t feel comfortable fitting in to the ‘classic’ career path working in a company.

Those who suffer from Social Anxiety know that their condition often negatively affects their earning potential. In this series we will explore some great ways you can build a real income online. With the right mindset and strategy it can be done!

All you need to bring is an open mind and I’m sure that you will find something that suits you. Now, lets get started…

Jobs For People With Social Anxiety

Part 1: How to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular ways people make money online. Once established, it can be a great way to produce a form of passive income. This strategy simply involves referring a product or service to others who may be reading your blog or visiting your website. As I explain later in this article, if you approach this process the right way it can become an important revenue generator for your business.

Here is a helicopter view of the typical process.

  • You have spent time building a blog or website around a ‘subject’ that really interests you.
    • You have started to get traction online with others reading your content. Ie: you now have some authority around your subject matter!
    • You join an affiliate program with a product or offer ideally suited to your audience. Something that you genuinely believe is good value for your audience. Remember ABA (Always Be Authentic)
    • The affiliate program gives you a unique ‘link’ to the offer and you share that link in your online content.
    • You earn a commission every time someone makes a purchase through that link within your blog or website.

The Benefits of This Model

There are several benefits of this strategy that make it one of the most ideal jobs for people with Social Anxiety.

1. Low Risk.

It is hard to find a strategy more low risk than affiliate marketing! There is no cost in joining an affiliate program. So, you can find a good product, promote it and earn commission without having to spend a cent!

2. Minimal Involvement.

Your job is to promote the product to your online audience. Ie: educating the customer. Everything else involved in fulfilling the order to the customer is handled for you.

3. Scalability.

As you grow your business you can scale out by building campaigns for new offers to your audience. Essentially you are growing new revenue streams without having to hire and manage staff.

Jobs For People With Social Anxiety

A Reality Check

Now lets talk about the part I mentioned earlier… doing it the right way.

If you go out and speak with people who have tried to build an Affiliate marketing business online, chances are that 90% of them have failed. They will readily tell you not to waste your time because they “already tried it and it doesn’t work!”

Now let me tell you something very important…
I heard the same bad news too. But my mind said “Well, what about the other 10%?” “What is it that they’re doing that the other 90% are not doing?” I decided that I needed to find the answer to that question first if I was going to attempt to build my own Affiliate business.

There are so many different affiliate marketers finding success in their own individual niches. However, they do share some common traits that really help to make them successful. I have summarized a few of the most important ones here;

1. Hold Realistic Expectations of the Journey.

You must start with very clear expectations of what you are creating and the TIME it will take to see some results for your efforts. I really believe that many of the 90% who attempt and fail do so because of unrealistic expectations. They expect to ‘Hack’ the process; find the short cut to quick success; and it isn’t there. They go at it hard for 3 months; don’t get the results they expect and then give up in frustration.

Building an Affiliate Marketing business online is not a 100-meter sprint. It’s a Marathon where those with patience and persistence win the trophy.

2. Create Great Free Content.

Whatever you choose as your niche, create lots of fresh new content that keeps your audience engaged. You must also be passionate about your subject matter or you will lose interest too soon. Aim to serve your audience and your rewards will come.

3. Build Traffic.

Traffic is simply the visitors coming to your blog or website to consume your content. Don’t be discouraged in your first 6 months if you don’t see a lot of traffic. But once it starts, it will come in like a flood. Also, while you are waiting for Google to discover your site, a great source of (free) traffic that I use is Pinterest.

Jobs For People With Social Anxiety

4. Find a Reliable Guide.

You would not start a long journey without at least a map and a plan of the route. The same thing applies to building a sustainable online business model. The challenge is to find a reliable Guide. This is what the 10% do. The 90%, on the other hand, are buying into the ‘Get Rich Quick” Affiliate Marketing schemes. The internet is awash with self proclaimed ‘Gurus’ who feed off peoples inclination to be impatient with success. Avoid these at all cost!

If you are interested in learning more about Affiliate Marketing and creating an income from home this course comes highly recommended.

They are completely free to join, and provide tons and tons of free content about getting started with Affiliate Marketing. The company has been around since 2011, teaching people the right way to building an income online. Check them out.

I really hope that you have got some valuable tips and inspiration out of this article and I wish you an exciting and successful journey to your own financial independence.