Personal Development

12 Rules for Success in Life

rules for success in life

In life, there are many ways to reach the goals that we set for ourselves. We may be making good and bad choices along that journey; some that progress us forward, and others that on reflection we realize set us …

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How to Overcome Procrastination and Laziness

How to Overcome Procrastination and Laziness

Procrastination and laziness are often viewed a much the same thing. However there is a subtle, but important, difference in the way they operate. Procrastination occurs when we feel that we really must do something, but we convince ourselves that …

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16 Self Confidence Tips

Self Confidence Tips

It self-development were a building, then self-confidence would be its foundation. It really is the base upon which all personal growth and transformation starts. In this article I will list a number of self confidence tips that you can practice …

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21 Daily Habits of Successful People

Daily Habits of Successful People

When I first started planning the article for this topic, I soon realized that any analysis of the way successful people formed good habits very much depended on what aspect of their lives we were examining at that time. We …

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How To Free Yourself From Resentment

How to free yourself from Resentment

Resentment can be a very unhealthy burden to carry. It usually starts as a response to injustice, (either real or imagined) and often over a long period of time. Resentment represents a development in your anger from mild to deep…….and …

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3 Ways to Control Your Impulse Buying

Control Your Impulse Buying

In this article, we will be discussing; The Internal Triggers to Impulse Buying and how we convince ourselves to buy. The External Triggers that make us want to ‘Buy Now’ and how Marketers know what buttons to press! How to …

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Crafting for Personal Growth and Profit

Crafting for Personal Growth and Profit1

Learning and developing your craft making skills can be a tremendous benefit to so many different aspects of your personal development journey. There is something about creating with your hands that is instinctively enriching to your sense of Being. The …

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7 Signs Of Emotional Intelligence

signs of emotional intelligence

In the past the subject of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) had been viewed with suspicion (particularly among academics). It was that strange ideology that seemed to be too “intangible” to be treated seriously. It didn’t fit neatly in a box with …

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