Finding And Sustaining Your Motivation

In this article we will be examining 4 essential components to sustaining our motivation. The starting point (I believe) begins with acknowledging that acquiring motivation is a personal choice. Just as with happiness, or any emotion, we can choose the way we respond to the world. It comes from within us.

So, how do we find our personal motivation?

1. Choose an Ambition:

This is the activation stage for motivation. We need to choose an ambition. Something that will improve our or others lives; something meaningful to you on a deep level. It must align with our personal core beliefs and values; otherwise we will not be able to sustain our effort over time.

We then make a conscious commitment to that ambition. This becomes our ‘motive’ for action. We are also choosing the autonomy that comes from being self-directed verses being controlled by the wills and desires of others.

2. Deeply Contemplate Your Ambition:

This is the part where you make a conscious commitment to your higher aims. Deep contemplation comes from visualizing daily the outcomes that you want to see. Your mind is seeing, feeling and touching your goal. All of your senses are engaged in creating the end result of your ambition; while it repeated over and over again. Using meditation in this process is an excellent way to focus your mind and avoid distractions.

Note: Expect to experience fatigue, hardship and distraction. To counter this, we need to cultivate persistence! Choose to give your attention and effort to the work at hand.

3. Belief:

This is the step where so many fail.
We must believe in ourselves; in our ability to make it happen. Desire alone is not enough. There must be an expectation that you will find a way to reach your goal. This part of the process is not self-delusion. Belief is the real differentiator – call it faith. Your self-talk needs to be: “I don’t have all the answers, but I will learn and find a way through.”

Note: When we focus on our goals and apply vision and clarity, our minds form the beliefs to make it happen.

Now, how do we sustain our fire and passion?

4. Attitude:

Choose your attitude. Are you enthusiastic and positive for your ambitions? Cultivating a positive and open-minded attitude will attract other positive open-minded people. Think about your current social environment. Who are the types of people who inhabit your social circle?

If there are people who are negative or even hostile to your ambitions, then you need to find a way to move away from their influence or at least insulate yourself from their effect! You need to protect your motivation while you nurture its growth and you achieve that by creating a supportive environment.

It is critical for your success that you recognize and protect yourself from the victim hood of those around you. Fearful people will always have a ready list of excuses for their failure. Even a well-meaning ‘victim’ wants confirmation of their position. They will not want to see your success, as it will reflect back on their own mental laziness.

If we want to create and sustain our motivation, we must devote ourselves to mastering and protecting our own minds.

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